A helmet may be the only thing can save your life when you crash, so let’s get the best motorcycle helmet to save your life, or to keep you away from injuries, or worse injuries! Despite the fact that wearing a helmet when riding is not compulsory in some states of US as it is in UK, Canada and EU countries, motorcycle riders should never go for a ride without a helmet put on head.  Truthfully, we have witnessed a lot of accidents where the motorist was saved from head injuries and death because he was wearing a top-quality helmet. According to a report conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was estimated that helmets had saved the life of 1829 motorcycle riders, and 823 more could had been saved if wearing a helmet when riding.  Additionally, there is a 37% probability that wearing a helmet could save a motorcyclist’s. Time and again, helmets have demonstrated their value in contributing to road safety.

Wearing the best motorcycle helmet should not feel like hell every day for the motorists.  It should be perceived more than just a heavy metal on your head while riding. Helmet producers are continuously studying and creating helmets that are comfortable to wear, and at the same time it keeps you safe. Helmets are sold everywhere but buying a quality helmet is a smart choice. You should buy helmet that has value for your money. Make sure when you are buying a helmet that can protect your skull in case of accidents. Getting the best helmet that is comfortable and saves your from other helmet nuisances is highly recommended. The best motorcycle helmet does not only provide protection but makes every ride an enjoyable one.  A motorcyclist should feel comfortable, alert, and worry less while travelling with his helmet.

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There are four main parts of a helmet that you should know so that you are guided when you are about to purchase one. The four parts are the hard outer shell, the inner styrofoam, the chin strap and the soft fabric lining. These four main parts of a helmet works as one during sudden impact to protect your head. The hard outer shell is designed to absorb the impact. The styrofoam softens the impact between your head and the inside of the hard outer shell reducing the shock to the brain. The chin strap insures that the helmet will not be removed into your head. The purpose of the soft fabric lining is to ensure proper fit and to minimize fatigue.

Our Reviews

We have do reviews of these below helmets

Quick Reviews of top 3 Motorcycle Helmets 

1.       IV2 Demon Samurai Helmet

Matte Black and White Demon Samurai Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

IV2 Demon Samurai Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet

This is the best time to change your old helmet with IV2 Demon Samurai Helmet. It has the most advanced modular dual visor adult helmet produced. It’s newly designed features are exceptional that you won’t look for any other helmet again. It has all the needed innovation and creativity that addresses inconveniences that you may have experienced before.

Likewise, this one has one button that you can easily flip up and convert from full face to open-face. It’s best even during rainy and sunny days because it has waterproof controls and it has sweat absorbing inner liner. Your neck won’t suffer much because it has advanced lightweight tough shell. Most importantly, it is DOT certified so you are sure of your safety in case of any accident along the way. Plus, if you ride in snow or low temperature weather, or ride a snowmobile, you can get the anti-fog face shield for just $19.95. You’ll save some money if purchase the helmet and that anti-fog visor together for around 115$, and that’s still quite a good deal. Read full review of this helmet here.

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2.       GMax GM54S Modular Helmet

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GMax GM54S Modular Helmet

The GMax GM54S Modular Helmet  is one of the best motorcycle helmets we are going to cover in this review.  It is exceptionally engineered and an excellent investment for everyone. The features and innovation introduced with this new helmet is worth its price. It’s actually very affordable that anyone can have it.

This helmet model  has addressed some of the inconveniences in using a helmet.  This amazing helmet has a retractable sun shield that protects you from the heat of the sun. It’s also manufactured in such a way that you don’t feel like you are carrying some iron on your head. It is lightweight and very comfortable.

It is also manufactured with excellent shield sealing that lessens unwanted air and noise. It has adjustable chin vent which prevents heat and removes fogging.

So when you are looking for a helmet that can protect your skull from any accident and gives you comfort at the same time, the GMax GM54S  is for you. Check out this full review of GMax GM54S helmet

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3.       IV2 Most Advance Modular Motorcycle Helmet

hm Best Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

IV2 Most Advance Modular Motorcycle Helmet

There is no need for you to look for the best motorcycle helmet because the IV2 Modular Motorcycle Helmet  is designed especially for you. This is surely the favorite of every rider because of its innovations that are designed to keep you comfortable while you are on the road.

This helmet  is DOT approved and enhanced with fantastic features.  It has one push button for flipping. Say goodbye to the discomfort of suffocation because its ventilation system is carefully engineered to provide sufficient air flow. It has waterproof controls so you can still be comfortable during rainy season. With the Matte Black, you’ll never look for any replacement of your helmet again. Just let the quality and beauty of this helmet speak for itself. Click here to read full review of this IV2 helmet

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Advantages of using the the right helmet

Save your life. That’s the best benefit. Besides, it will help you avoid serious injuries on your neck, your head, or your face, or even any injuries if you’re luck enough. Even if you ride at very low speed, or ride a scooter, you better had wear an open-face helmet. No one know what’s gonna happen on the street. Don’t forget your helmet whenever you go for a ride.

Less worry, more safe, and more joy. Knowing you’re wearing the best helmet, you can speed up without worrying too much. Some motorist can only enjoy the ride when they’re at 70mph.

Comfort. The best helmet should fit snug with your head, and make you feel comfortable at any time, whether you are riding or not, whether the weather is hot or cold. Wearing a helmet also give you more comfort by protecting you from dust, wind, and flying objects.

You will looks cool. whether you ride a scooter or a naked bike, you should have a cool helmet that you are going to receive good compliments from others.

Save me the money. A good helmet doesn’t have to be at a premium price that freak you out. We feature some good helmets at very reasonable price and are on huge discount, also some helmet at premium prices for people who love famous brands like Arai, Shoei…etc.

Buying Guide for Best Motorcycle Helmets

You may have heard from the news that there are thousands of bogus products manufactured and are sold everywhere, therefore you need to be very cautious when purchasing a helmet.  Don’t let price outsmart you because the price don’t usually speak for quality. Alternatively, you may find cheap helmets around but this does not always guarantee your safety. In buying helmets, put quality and comfort first over anything.

Below are the things needed to be considered when buying a helmet:

1. Helmets should fit according to your head.

When you use the helmet it should not cause any pain or any discomfort; it should be comfortable firm in to your head and tight enough that your skin moves with it. Usually helmet sellers provide a chart so you can measure your head vis-à-vis your preferred helmet.  The size matters because a helmet that will not fit your size will be very uncomfortable. Here’s our guide to measure head’s size to pick the best helmet that fits your head.

2. Best motorcycle helmet should be certified by safety standard agencies.

Be sure to buy helmets that are certified.  Agencies like DOT, ECE, Snell, BSI are some agencies that test and certifies helmets based on the helmets ability to protect your head and brain. DOT helmets are for usual riding or street riding, while Snell helmets are often for racing.

3. Helmets should be well-ventilated.

Airflow is very important when using a helmet. Gasses are building up inside the helmet while being used and these gasses are sometimes toxic. Good helmets have carefully designed holes aligned to the styrofoam going to the outer shell to allow air flow to make higher volumes of air around the head to prevent suffocation.

4. You should look for a helmet that has awesome features.

In this review, as well as in the following motorcycle helmet reviews, we will mention those best helmets that have awesome feature. We’re pretty sure that you’re gonna love those features. A helmet with a light in the back,, a built-in bluetooth helmet, a Coolmax liner and a ventilation system that make you feel cool in hot weather and keep you warm when riding in cold.  There are hundreds of kinds of helmet in the market, but you should choose the most awesome one .

5. Helmets have various Designs and Materials.

Everyone wants a cool, stylish and light yet durable and convenient helmet. If you ride a scooter, you better get these super cool open-face helmet. If you ride a superbike or go for a long ride, then let’s get a full-face or a modular helmet. A helmet can be made by many types of materials: fibreglass, Kevlar, carbon fibre, or super glass fibre which have variety of strength, weight, durability, and look. You can read more about helmet material here.  There are also many types of helmet: full face, modular flip, motocross, open face and off-road, and there are also plenty types of materials of helmet. Select the one that suits your riding purposes and your pocket best.

6. What is a reasonable price for a helmet ?

Truth to tell, there are not many differences between a $70 helmet and a $300 helmet if they are DOT approved, which means they’re at the same safety level. You will only have to pay more for if you want a lighter, stronger helmet, or a helmet that come with lots of unique features. But don’t get any helmet lower than $70, we consider that it may not safe enough.

R.I.P – Ride in Peace

The top three motorcycle helmets featured in this article are the finest choices from among all available helmets. You won’t regret spending a few more dollars for its quality with the knowledge that you are protected. These three are truly worth its price! You can use it every day without having to go through the nuisances and discomfort of wearing cheap helmets.

Whoever you are, whether a newbie or a seasoned rider, these three are highly recommended for you as they all provide flexibility at a reasonable price.  They are safe for daily use as well.

When buying a new t-shirt, it’s okay to haggle for its price, but make an exception when buying a helmet. You can’t absolutely haggle for the price of a helmet you will use for your own safety. Keep in mind that your safety and security is priceless. You have to be accurate on the quality of what you are buying and you should never sacrifice safety from any low quality and low priced helmet.

For the best motorcycle helmet, it may be more expensive than the cheaper ones but its quality is assured.  Remember that you get what you pay for. Be sure to use the helmet which gives value to your money. So what are your waiting for?  Choose your helmet from any of the three helmets featured above.

Be safe! And enjoy your ride!

Plus, if you’re interested in modular helmet, click here to read more about best modular helmet buying guide, or check this helmets comparison chart out